The Tribal Order of AKAN welcomes you to explore a path of enriching experiences, True Brotherhood, and personal growth. This article explains the steps and process involved to becoming a member of our Pan-Afrikan fraternal organization.

Built on True Brotherhood

Unlike many civic fraternities, our core principle lies in experiencing meaningful connections. We prioritize getting to know you personally, both online and off.  We plan service, cultural, and social events each month. We require potential members to attend four events over the course of two months to be considered for membership.  This allows us to build authentic bonds and ensure a that we select the most qualified members.This time serves as an opportunity for you to reflect and determine if AKAN aligns with your personal and professional aspirations.

The Journey of an Interested Gentleman

As an Interested Gentleman, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery. This stage involves our Tribal intake process.This phase is packed with mandatory in-person social events, captivating service projects, and opportunities to forge lasting bonds with our brotherhood. We have designed an educational journey that prepares you for membership in our organization. Interested Gentlemen learn our history, values, philosophy, expected conduct, and commitment to service.  This process requires an in-person time commitment of 3 hours per week. 

The Membership Experience

The Tribal Order of AKAN is packed with benefits. Beyond the unwavering bonds of brotherhood, we provide a platform for personal and professional development. Members gain access to invaluable leadership training, service opportunities, social events, and cultural education. New tribesmen are assigned to a committee where they serve our brotherhood. Every member of The Tribal Order of AKAN has the right to create events creating a network that empowers you to achieve your full potential.

Invest in Your Success

Joining The Tribal Order of AKAN signifies a commitment to a transformative journey. We offer a unique experience built on social engagement, service, and continuous learning. This leads you towards Truebrotherhood, personal growth, professional advancement, and a fulfilling sense of belonging. Completing our contact form marks the first step towards unlocking your potential.