The Tribal Order of AKAN is a Pan-African fraternal organization driven by its core values. Our pillars inspire men to experience True Brotherhood, celebrate culture, and invest through service. We take a deeper look at our principles. Explore the unique blend of community and purpose that creates an organization that is driven to ignite change.

Achievement: Unlocking Potential

We believe in empowering individuals to achieve greatness. Through professional development programs, we’ll provide the tools and support needed to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. The pillar of achievement motivates us to dream big.

Knowledge: Embracing African Heritage 

Knowledge is the key to self-discovery and empowerment. The Tribal Order of AKAN encourages our members to embrace their African culture. By doing so, they develop cultural pride. Promoting our culture through education strengthens our collective identity.

Accountability: Promoting  Responsibility

We believe in the power of accountability. It drives personal and community growth. We inspire our members to embrace their leadership potential and take responsibility for effecting positive change. Accountability requires us to take ownership.

Nobility: Upholding Dignity 

Nobility is at the core of The Tribal Order of AKAN. We strive to promote dignity, integrity, and respect within our fraternity. Our fraternity cultivates an environment where individuals can embrace ethical behavior. Leadership integrity results. The community benefits from having honorable men.

A Values-Based Lifestyle

The pillars of The Tribal Order of AKAN guide our vision for empowerment. By embracing these values, we will inspire individuals to unlock their potential, embrace their heritage, take responsibility, and uphold dignity. Join us in our journey towards empowerment and united in our commitment.