Our Afrikan heritage is the foundation of who we are. It shapes our traditions, culture, values, and sense of belonging. By celebrating , we connect with the rich tapestry of cultures, stories, and achievements of our ancestors. These celebrations foster a deeper understanding of our roots, instill pride in our identity, and create a vibrant community spirit.

The Tribal Order of AKAN believes that cultural events and traditions are vital in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our rich legacy. Through active participation in various festivals and gatherings, we strive to create a stronger sense of unity and pride within our community.


We commemorate Afrikan American freedom and resilience. Juneteenth commemorates the June 19th announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas. Through educational workshops and tabling, we honor our ancestors.

Original Gullah Festival

The Gullah/Geechee are descendants of enslaved West Afrikans who developed a unique culture in the coastal regions of the Carolinas,Georgia and Florida. The Original Gullah Festival showcases Gullah traditions, language, music, and cuisine. By supporting the festival, we honor our ancestors who laid the foundation for the Afrikan American experience.

Afro Latino Festival

Held in Silver Spring, Maryland,this festival We embraces the rich tapestry of Afrikan and Latino cultures. It provides a platform to engage in festivities that highlight the beautiful connections between these cultures, promoting mutual understanding and appreciation.

Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean Carnival. is a celebration of the undeniable African influence in Caribbean cultures. The event consists of parades, concert, vendors, and cultural demonstrations. We immerse ourselves in the joyful spirit of the carnival.

A Commitment to Cultural Unity

Our participation in these cultural events underscores our deep-rooted pride in our shared Afrikan heritage. Festivals like Juneteenth, the Original Gullah Festival, the Afro Latino Festival, and the Caribbean Carnival offer valuable opportunities to promote cultural understanding and strengthen Pan-Afrikan unity.

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